Elusive Holidays

Often I fear I miss the point of holidays.

Poor holidays, I have such high expectations for you. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter…such big days in the Christian community. Yet I put so much weight on them that there’s pretty much no way they could live up to it. On Thanksgiving I expect to be overwhelmed with thankfulness for all that God has blessed me with, Christmas I expect to be filled with joy at the birth of my Savior, and Easter I expect to be completely in awe and wonder at the miracle of his life-giving resurrection.

But so often I’m just…not. That holiday feeling remains elusive. It’s like I know what these holidays are supposed to mean to me, I just don’t know how to actually feel it. Sermons may be inspiring, songs may be moving, but I still feel like I’m missing the point of the day. Don’t get me wrong, I usually really enjoy my holidays. They’re a nice break from the norm, I get to see my family, eat some delicious food, maybe open some presents–all good things that I enjoy. Yet I know that those things aren’t supposed to be what I’m getting from these Christian holidays.

Sometimes I get it–I am especially thankful, or joyful, or in awe and wonder. But not every time. Maybe that’s the just way it is. We have these holidays every year, and sometimes, depending on where we’re at in life, they hit us harder than at other times.

I wish that I could experience these holidays for the first time again, to feel the newness and excitement. So maybe that’s the key–to forget that the pie was better last Thanksgiving, that there was actually SNOW last Christmas, or your outfit was especially cute last Easter. To forget that we’ve done this before, many times, but to appreciate the holiday as though it were the first time. For today, Easter, to celebrate like Jesus rose from grave TODAY, not many years ago.

Happy Easter.

Til next time…


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