Bratty Brianna

I’m such a brat.

At this point, perhaps you are protesting. (Although those of you who know me best are probably going “Thank goodness, she’s finally admitting it!” haha)

But no, really, I am.

Why, you may ask? Because I am ungrateful, and whiny, and complaining. I’ve come to expect God to keep giving me big things to stay happy about and grateful for, when maybe for a time all I will get is little things. Who am I to say “That’s not good enough, do better”?

No one, that’s who. My life is not going to go according to my own plan, as much as I would like it to. This does not give me an excuse to be an ungrateful petty little brat just because I do not like the lack of big things. Perhaps I am being reminded yet again to look for God in the little things, because for too long I was used to the big things. It’s a lot rougher to stay happy when you have to work for it.

But it’s there, it really is. In unexpected kindnesses, people who genuinely CARE and take the time to show it, open arms, heartfelt words, listening ears. When I stop and think about it, it blows me away.

Yet I’m too busy being a brat most of the time to notice it. My life has been showered with so many wonderful people and little blessings there is no reason I should ever think otherwise.

It’s not the size of the blessing, it’s the blessing ITSELF that’s a blessing.

Til next time…


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