Trudging Through Filling

Beginnings and endings bring with them a slew of emotions–excitement, sadness, happiness, fear, anticipation, and so many others. When one thing ends there is nearly always something else beginning, even if only a beginning of adjusting to something new or something that once was that is no more.

But middles. Middles have their own things. Often I don’t think much about the middle, but I’m feeling a bit…stuck. In the Oreo cookie of this phase of life, I seem to be trudging through the cream filling, not really knowing how far I still have to go until I will be able to stand on the solidness of that other cookie. A bit of a stretch for an illustration, perhaps, but hopefully you get the idea.

Middles may have the excitement, sadness, happiness, fear, and anticipation of beginnings and endings, but in a different sense. When we’re happy in the middle, there’s a slight fear that that happiness will end. If we’re sad, there’s hope that happiness is to come. But that doesn’t really change the…middleness of it. It is sometimes a long journey from one cookie half to the other. And trudging through the filling…that gets old. Tiring.

Rarely would I ever say I look forward to endings. Many times beginnings make me apprehensive too. Yet right now, in my trudging, an ending is looking kind of good. Or perhaps a happy beginning. That’s the thing though–beginnings and endings go hand in hand. It’s a matter of perspective a lot of the time, whether we choose to look at it as a beginning or an ending, but it’s nearly always both. So maybe there’s something to be said for middles too. After all, in an Oreo it’s the middle that’s the sweetest part.

And so go I, to look for the sweetness in my trudging, still looking for that solid cookie ending. Or beginning.

Til next time…


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