Unintentionally Unintentional

2 new posts in under 24 hours? I know, craziness. Don’t get used to it, haha. =)

Intention. It’s a word I’ve been using and hearing a lot lately in different contexts, yet haven’t really taken the time to ponder. (Until this post, that is.) We don’t typically spend a lot of time thinking about our intentions, be they the intentions of our thoughts, words, actions, etc.

Of course, what does intention really mean? At the risk of being repetitive, I offer a definition. (Can you tell I’m a word person? I can’t help it, it’s the way I am…I like definitions. I got a dictionary for Christmas when I was 11. Yes, I AM that cool.) Intention, according to Brianna, with help from Webster: the goal, purpose, or direction of words or actions. Eh, I think that’ll suffice.

Rarely do I stop before I say or do something and ask myself, “What’s the point of doing or saying this?” I live my life far too quickly to take the time to do that. Not, of course, that this is a good thing. Because doing things unintentionally can lead to all sorts of messes, and lead us down paths we never intended to go down. We may not consciously choose to become a liar, but it can start small…unintentionally throwing in a white lie here, stretching the truth a little bit there, until we finally realize we have become a dishonest person. Just one example, and maybe not the best one, but hopefully you get the idea.

As a Christian I should be intentional in everything I do. My whole life should be lived with the goal, purpose, and intention of glorifying God, from every action I take to every word I type. But am I intentional in all that I do? No, far from it. I live my life everyday without thinking about my intention behind it. The only way to begin to change this is to be (can you guess?) intentional. To choose to pay attention to everything I do, and, by God’s grace, pray that it gets better. Onward and upward, as they say.

Til next time…


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