Everyday Redemption

Redemption is a concept I am not unfamiliar with, due to my Christian background. Yet it is one that I am not sure I do or will ever fully understand. Webster’s New World College Dictionary defines redemption: a redeeming or being redeemed. (Oh how it irritates me when dictionaries do this! In class I’m always told not to define a word by using the word, yet it’s acceptable for Webster, aka Mr. Dictionary himself? Someone please explain this to me.)

Well then, how about redeem? Redeem: To buy back. To set free by paying a ransom. To deliver from sin and its penalties, as by a sacrifice made for the sinner. To make worthwhile; justify. So many definitions for a word that I’ve heard get thrown around for as long as I can remember. Of these, I think my favorite is the last one. To make worthwhile–that’s what redemption is about.

My definition and use of this word is typically confined to the Christian sector, but it has application beyond that. I have experienced redemption of days, of times and experiences. Sometimes things seem to be going so horribly wrong that I am sure there is nothing that can happen to make them better.

I am so very grateful when I am proved wrong.

Everyday redemption can come in a lot of ways–through a well-timed smile, hug or hello, the offer of the gift of time, an aptly timed note of love and encouragement. All acts that can redeem a moment, an hour, a day. In the grand scheme, small things, but those small things can make a big difference.

As I look at the title of this, I realize that it can be taken several ways. If I were to put a comma in it, so it read “Everyday, Redemption” it would mean something different than it does. I could probably write another blog post with the same title and take it in a completely different direction. Maybe I will. But then again, maybe I won’t. =) But the way I wrote it, I mean those things that can redeem, that can make an otherwise bleak situation worthwhile. Everyday redemption.

Til next time…


2 thoughts on “Everyday Redemption

  1. Brianna, thanks for this post. 🙂 Remind me sometime to share with you my most recent experience with the reality of the word “redemption.”

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