It’s Lonely At the…Middle

God continues to astound me with the way he orchestrates things. Several times of late the right people have showed up in my life at the right times…sometimes for the first time, and sometimes reappearing after being absent for some time for whatever reason. The way that these things occur is beyond coincidence–it is providence. Some of these people have been in my life for years, and although I try to appreciate the people in my life, of late I have been struck with how well God knows what he’s doing by placing certain people in our lives.

“It’s lonely at the top,” I’ve heard. I think it can be lonely at any place–the top, the bottom, and everywhere in between. So when you find someone who can relate, who can say with sincerity “Me too,” it is so refreshing. It gives you validation that maybe you’re not crazy, because at least one other person in the world feels almost exactly the same as you do. Certainly if one other person feels that way, there must be others, which means you may be somewhat less abnormal than perhaps you’d been thinking. To look someone in the eye and be able to validate the way they’re feeling–that’s good too. It makes both of you feel a little less alone in whatever you’re feeling or going through, because there’s someone at the same stage, wondering and worrying and waiting to see what’s going to happen next.

There are always risks to sharing things with people. As humans, it is built into our DNA to fail each other. People can take things you share with them and misuse it, throw it back at you and hurt you with the very words you spoke. Yet by sharing we can also help others. It gives us the opportunity to come alongside people and be there to say “Me too.” To validate them, and remind them that they’re not alone, while we are reminded of it as well. And through it all, God can and will bring people along at the right times. He’s kind of ridiculously great like that.

Til next time…


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