The Birth of a Blog

I’ve migrated to blogland. The thought of starting one has been bouncing around in my head for a while now, and finally, as a product of procrastination and near-boredom, this blog was born.

So here I am.

It seems like blogs are supposed to be ABOUT something, which is part of the reason I resisted for a while…I’m not quite sure I’ll be able to make this blog anything but another dumping ground for the multitude of thoughts that hang out in my head. Of course, whether or not you choose to read them is entirely up to you. Perhaps they will bore you, enrich you, or humor you. Whatever the case may be, here I am, embarking on this blog journey…

Til next time…


P.S. I’m feeling the need to continue writing, but posting a separate post on the same day seems like it might be against blog rules, so instead I’ll add to this one.

Tonight I find myself with some spare time, which is unusual for me. That’s how this blog got created, honestly. As a college student with jobs and classes and friends and family and sometimes the need to sleep, my time is usually pretty well spoken for. So when I finish my homework and don’t have anything else pressing to do, I often think for a few minutes…what am I going to do now? When I’m at home for Christmas break or during the summer, my go-to answer is usually to read a book.

It seems harder to write in those settings, because I figure what’s the point of writing words that will probably never be read by anyone but me when I can read someone else’s well-crafted words, and enter this land they’re already made up? It’s a question I wrestle with, and don’t really have a good answer to. Sometimes it’s legitimate to want to escape for a while, and reading and writing can both do that for me…it’s just a matter of which one I need at which time, I suppose. So today, I wrote. This is a write spot, after all. =)


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